DeMbare Bemoan Low Supporters’ T-Shirt Sales

The Dynamos Supporters’ T-Shirts which hit the market a few months ago have received poor response from the fans.

The royal blue branded T-shirts (pictured) were launched in February during the signing of the four-year sales agreement between Dynamos and their sponsor through the Remmington Gold brand.

Before that, Dynamos had begun exploring ways to enhance brand visibility, through merchandise sales, particularly the club’s replica jerseys and branded T-shirts.

DeMbare’s official home-and-away jerseys will be on sale when the season gets underway but merchandise like the royal blue supporters’ shirts are already on sale at US$10 each.

However the supporters’ shirts have been hit by poor uptake.

Club Executive Chairman Isaiah Mupfurutsa said the supporters, who make up the market, have been struggling under the effects of the coronavirus lockdown.

“The uptake has been very low and I think it’s because of a number of factors emanating from the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, the financial constraints on the part of the supporters,” said Mupfurutsa.

“I think we all appreciate the world is going through unusual times.

“Many Zimbabweans are informally employed and, because of the coronavirus restrictions, some may have found it difficult to spare an extra dollar for the merchandise.

“Secondly, the league hasn’t started yet and the fact that people are not going to the stadium, for football matches, it tends to affect the appetite for replicas.

“When games are being played, and the team is winning, the fans would want to buy and try to identify with their team.

“It’s a chance for the team to boost income but we are not realising the revenue from the merchandise, as per the projections we had made, because everything is on standstill because of the coronavirus.”

But some supporters have raised concern over the quality of the T-shirts which they claim does not justify the US$10 price tag, while some said they would rather wait for the actual replica jerseys.

Mupfurutsa is confident the replicas plus the playing kits will arrive soon.

“We are sure they will be ready by the time the season starts. We have also made provisions for the playing kits, in case the authorities give the greenlight to start playing football, and the consignment is delayed.’’

The Harare giants have said the products will all be sold to the club’s fans and the general public.

The merchandise will be distributed through designated distribution agents, comprising sports shops, restaurants and food courts, service stations, licensed vendors, departmental/chain stores, wholesalers and club offices.

Mupfurutsa said the club have put in place measures to fight piracy and the sale of cheap, counterfeit merchandise by bogus dealers who have been making money at the expense of the club.

“We were in the final stages of registering of patents. But that, as well, was affected by the lockdown.

“That process was on its final stages and once we are done with that we will have a legal basis to fight piracy and the distribution and sale of counterfeits.

“We will be protected by the law and anyone found on the wrong side will be penalised by the law,” said Mupfurutsa.

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