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Murwira Speaks On Weight Gain And Return To Football

DYNAMOS utility player Godknows Murwira has spoken on his battles with weight gain during his rehabilitation from a nasty injury and has also thanked the club for footing all bills during the operation.


“Of course, Covid-19, as you know, is a bad thing and it shut the game. Our profession is football and without the game we obviously suffer physically and mentally.

“But for me the long break in football gave me some time to get operated on and some time to recover as well

“I am now fully fit and I have been training alone at home for the past two weeks. I am very happy for that, but I have lots of work to do ahead of me.

“Firstly, I have become weighty for obvious reasons.

“I haven’t been able do proper football exercises because I have been in a lot of pain.

“It is something that I have had to live with, but it has been very painful.

“I was operated on some four or so months ago and the wound took some time to heal so I have been sitting, doing nothing waiting for it to fully recover.

“I am now fit, but I have started with weight training. I have to shed a lot of kilos which I have accumulated as a result of the prolonged rest.

“We are athletes you know and we don’t have to be sitting doing nothing like I have been for the past three or so months.

“So the past two weeks have been hard for me as I have been running non-stop wearing uncomfortable clothes to lose weight.

“I definitely cannot complain. The commitment has helped me a lot. I had become weighty but now I am almost back in shape

“I am almost there now. I need to keep on working and all things being equal I should be joining my teammates for routine football training very soon, I would have shaped up.”

“I am not talking much about my parent club FC Platinum now. But, what I can say is I am out to rediscover myself.

“I am very happy at Dynamos who footed all the bills for me to get treated after suffering that nasty injury.

“I am willing to work and repay them with my heart in the field of play.”