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Glamour Boys In Community Outreach In Mbare

DYNAMOS are today scheduled to take part in a community outreach programme in Mbare where they are expected to distribute food hampers to vulnerable senior citizens, with the backing of their anchor sponsors, Remington Gold.


Club Chief Executive Jonathan Mashingaidze said the visit to Mbare was an epic reminder of the team’s rich roots.

DeMbare were formed in Mbare in 1963 and have maintained Rufaro Stadium in the heart of the suburb, as their home ground over the years.

Mashingaidze said they have identified households which will benefit from the club’s goodwill.

“Life has been difficult for everyone because of Covid-19,’’ he said.

“So, we would want to make sure that we reach out, to our fan base, and extend a helping hand to the elderly and needy.

“We have identified some needy households and it’s not necessarily going to be Dynamos fans only.

“Football brings us together so we have to be good neighbours with everyone who needs a helping hand.

“Besides, this one is an iconic visit.

“The venue of the event, Mai Musodzi Hall, is also befitting because of the work that Mai Musodzi did for the needy, and vulnerable, of the society.

“As a club, we also wish to make a positive impact in the society that we come from.’’

Mashingaidze said DeMbare will always remain a big part of Mbare.

“Remember Mbare is where it all began back for Dynamos back in 1963. Dynamos made Mbare the ceremonial home of football,’’ he said.

“So, we are simply retracing the footsteps of our founding fathers, and trying to give back to that same community, in our own small way.

“But, this is an ongoing programme and we are hoping to reach out to many other areas, with the help of our supporters’ chapters.

“This is one of the social corporate responsibility activities that we have undertaken as a club, with the backing of our anchor sponsors, Remington Gold.”

Mashingaidze said they were hoping to connect with their fan base, who have been deprived of football this year, because of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, they have been forced to limit the numbers of the people at the event because of the Covid-19 restrictions.

The Glamour Boys have selected only 11 players, and a few officials from the club and sponsors, for the tour.

“We would have wanted to have a bigger road show, if it was possible,’’ said Mashingaidze.

“But, because of the Covid-19 restrictions, we are limiting numbers.

“There will only be 11 players at the event.

“Of course, among those players we have selected for that, are those who were born and bred in Mbare and they are going to be part of the activities.

“So, you will see people like Munyaradzi Diya, Kudzanayi Dhemere, Tanaka Chidhobha and Jarison Selemani.

“The programme is going to be brief and we will follow the Covid-19 protocol to the letter and our security will help with ensuring people have face masks and are practicing good hand hygiene.”

Highlanders Fans Chip In With Help For Dembare9 Victims’ Families

In a touching show of camaraderie Highlanders Football Club supporters chipped in with cash and resources at yesterday’s function to commemorate the fourth annivessary of the road accident that claimed the lives of nine DeMbare fans.


On the 11th of June 2016, the club lost nine of their fans in a road accident in Battlefields as they travelled to watch their team in a league encounter against Chapungu at Ascot in 2016.

And as Dynamos fans handed over food hampers to families of the deceased and survivors at the club offices at the National Sports Stradium, Highlanders fans in Harare represented by Tawanda Mudzengi were on hand to deliver their cash and resources to the bereaved families.

Dynamos vice-chairman Moses Shumba was naturally elated at the gesture by the Bosso fans.

“To have Highlanders supporters rallying behind this initiative is a great sign that our football is growing.

“We should only be enemies for 90 minutes and beyond that, we embrace each other as brothers and sisters. I salute you Highlanders fans.”

For the first time since the initiative came into place three years ago, survivors of the crash also received food hampers.

Dynamos Fans Hand Over Hampers To Crash Victims’ Families And Survivors

Dynamos Football Club supporters yesterday commemorated the fourth annivessary of the road accident that claimed the lives of their colleagues by handing over food hampers to families of the deceased and survivors at the club offices at the National Sports Stadium.


Nine DeMbare fans lost their lives while 16 were injured, two of them seriously, when the kombi they were travelling on burst a rear tyre, rolled several times before landing on its roof at the 173-kilometre peg near Battlefields on June 11, 2016.

They were on their way to Gweru to cheer their team in a league match against Chapungu at Ascot Stadium.

The Dynamos supporters have since 2017 been donating food hampers to the families of the nine fans who perished in that crash.

And yesterday, they defied the hardships brought about by the coronavirus-induced lockdown to honour their pledge to those families.

One of the survivors of the accident Maxwell Machisi, gave a chilling account of what transpired on the day when he was given the floor to address the close to 50 people including the families of the deceased, supporters as well as some members of the team’s executive.

So graphic were the details, that one lady, Antonneta Gwasira, who lost both her siblings, Spencer and Galileo in that crash, had to be helped out by her husband, Collen, who together with one of Spencer’s three orphans had accompanied her to the function.

Antonneta, who stayed with Galileo, said she first learnt of her siblings’ passing on in that accident when both of them failed to pick up their phones after she had seen an ominous message on a WhatsApp group platform.

“We were only three in our family. I am the oldest. Spencer stayed alone while his wife and three kids were living in our rural home in Murehwa. He was 32 years old at the time of his death,” she said while sobbing.

“Galileo didn’t have a family at the time of his death at 27 years. I stayed with him at my house. Our parents died when we were still very young in the late 1990s. So I was like their mother and in them, I also saw my father.

“Both were street vendors. They loved football in general and Dynamos in particular. So on the fateful day, Galileo bid me an ominous goodbye but I never minded him. Instead I said today the team might fail you and we laughed it off.

“The next thing was seeing some graphic images on mangled bodies on WhatsApp and trying to call both Galileo and Spencer, but neither was picking.”

After an hour of relentless calling, Antonneta, with the help of her husband decided to visit the scene of the accident but just after passing Norton, Spencer’s phone called her but, it wasn’t her brother at the end of the line.

“It was man’s voice but realising it wasn’t Spencer’s, I started to shiver. My worst fears would soon be confirmed. The man just asked me whether I was related to Spencer and where I was. I told him I was on my way to Kwekwe and he said I should drop off at Chegutu hospital as he had been involved in an accident.

“Apparently unaware of what she had been through, another voice sounding similar to the one which had called her moments before, she also received the same news this time via Galileo’s phone.”

Antonnete would soon discover both her siblings had perished in that accident.

“It wasn’t easy to fathom. It was too much. Just like that, I was all alone, without my siblings who had been with me through thick and thin after losing our parents.”

Spencer’s orphans are now under her guardianship after their mother crossed the border to look for greener pastures in South Africa recently.

Antonneta hailed the initiative by the Dynamos supporters.

“I just want to thank Dynamos supporters for this gesture. It is not every day that you find this kind of support. This is a very difficult period for everyone. I am a vendor, so is my husband and we are struggling to raise both my family and my brother’s children.

“This shows that Dynamos is such a beautiful family to be part of. We are thankful for this.”

Dynamos vice-chairman Moses Shumba said the Glamour Boys would support this initiative in future and hailed the club’s supporters.

Dynamos head coach Tonderai Ndiraya, and chief executive Jonathan Mashingaidze, also graced the occasion.

Galileo Muchemwa, Spencer Gwasira, Prince Nheweyembwa, Rukudzo Mahupete, Patience Murefu, Peter Maemba, Kimberly Nduku, Violet Tauzeni and Rast Nezandoyi perished in that accident some say would have been avoided had the defective tyres been replaced before departure.

For the first time since the initiative came into place three years ago, survivors, including Machisi, also received food hampers.