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“This Is Your Captain Speaking…….”

“I would like to thank Gold Leaf Tobacco and all our other sponsors for taking care of our needs and our families too, that is the reason why some of us are doing what we are doing.


“Having a good sponsor also helps players in motivating them. When people have money they are serious about their work

“I have played in South Africa and Zambia and picked a lot of lessons, in terms of career development, but I miss winning the league title. I decided to come back to Dynamos to win those titles.

“To then come back, after attachments outside the country and other teams on the local scene, and be handed the captaincy means the world to me.

“Such appointments, at a great team like Dynamos, come with increased responsibilities and I should state that I am ready for those responsibilities.

“I salute the technical team and the management who decided to give me this huge responsibility.

“I am ready for the challenge and, come the end of the season, we will be celebrating like we used to do back in 2012 and 2013.’’

“It has been long but I knew the very day I left the team that one day I would be back again,’’

“I believe the team has signed some of the most talented players we have in the country at the moment.

‘’You look at Juan Mutudza, Sylvester Appiah, King Nadolo and Tino Chiunye, to name just a few.

“Those guys are talented and it reminds me of the days when I first arrived at the team.

“Most of us were new but you would look at Denver Mukamba, Devon Chafa, Rodreck Mutuma and others and conclude that we were, indeed, bound to write a piece of history.

“That is the same feeling I have at the moment. But, hard work is everything. I have been telling the guys how we used to do extra training back then with amazing results.”

“We are looking forward to a great season. Our main worry is when the league will start.

“We are aware of the Coronavirus. We just hope they find the cure and just put this thing to end for good.

“We actually can’t wait for the season to start.”

Dembare Announce Ambitious Plans

DYNAMOS Football Club have announced ambitious plans to sign twinning arrangements with some of the continent’s big teams when the team leaves for South Africa for pre-season warm-up matches soon.

The Dynamos Executive led by ZimParks boss Tinashe Farawo has been on a charm offensive lately taking the team on a professional path that has warmed the hearts of fans and neutrals alike.

They have so far done most of their transfer business early in the year, signing 14 players, something that used to be alien to Dembare.

They have already taken the players to Lake Chivero for one of periodic camps for ideal orientation to the team’s principles and their general bonding.

Now the Boys In Blue are scheduled to tour South Africa where they are billed to play high-profile friendly matches with both top-flight and lower division clubs from that country.

Farawo says plans are at an advanced stage for the tour to South Africa as well as other countries within the region before the 2020 season commences.

“We are a club that should be setting examples. We are saying the way we played in 2019 was not acceptable to our brand.”

“We are following the technical team’s recommendations that is why we have signed all those players. We work together very well and as a team.”

“We are well geared for the 2020 season where we will be back at our best. We are holding several camps in the country’s resorts and next week we will continue with those bonding camps in Shamva.”

“Of course, we will tour several countries in the region including South Africa this pre-season.Plans for the team to go to South Africa for a pre-season camp where we will play practice matches against both top-flight and lower division teams in that country are advanced.”

Farawo said the Glamour Boys will sign partnership agreements with some of the region’s big teams which will see the country’s biggest and most successful team exchanging notes and personnel with those clubs.

“The idea is to make Dynamos a big entity. So we are strategising on how we will go about it.”

“There are teams in the region, including of course in South Africa, which we are talking to at the moment. We will partner some and twin with others. Football needs modern strategies and that is one of the ways to go.”

“We believe our brand is big and by partnering other big brands in the region, we will make it even bigger. Of course, we will eventually make better engagements with other teams in leagues across the globe. But we have to start within our Southern Africa region.”