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Ndiraya Wants Murwira Permanently

DYNAMOS coach Tonderai Ndiraya is keen to secure Godknows Murwira on a permanent deal.


The utility player is on a one-and-a-half year loan from champions FC Platinum.

Interestingly, his two-year contract with the Zvishavane club expires in December.

The champions haven’t made any attempt to tie him down.

And Ndiraya believes Murwira will be key to his long-term Dynamos project.

“Murwira has always been in my plans,’’ the coach said.

“His loan with us runs out this December but, as a coach, I would like to have him beyond that period.

“He is one man who can give us a lot, in terms of experience. He is a good player and I definitely want him to stay.

“We have our own vision as Dynamos and, from a coaching point of view, Murwira fits well into that vision.”

Murwira joined FC Platinum last season after an impressive term in Ngezi Platinum Stars’ colours.

He was then loaned out to Dynamos. However, he was injured towards the end of the season with the injury being aggravated during pre-season.

He has fully recovered, following surgery.

The PSL, with the help of the Footballers Union of Zimbabwe, have been encouraging players, whose contracts have expired or are about to expire, to reach a mutually beneficial agreement, with clubs, for the good of the game.

FIFA have since underscored the need for a win-win scenario, in such cases, since the coronavirus epidemic disrupted the game.

FUZ are currently handling several cases in which players want to move out of clubs since some of the teams haven’t been paying them since March.

The 2020 domestic season remain suspended and there are no indications when it’s likely to begin.

ZIFA Appoint New Warriors Coaches

The Zimbabwe Football Association has appointed Zdravko Logarušić as the new Warriors coach on a substantive basis.

ZIFA have also appointed Chicken Inn coach Joey Antipas and Lloyd Chitembwe of Harare City as Assistants to the Croat.

Dynamos coach will also sit on the National Team bench as the National U23 Coach.

Forgotten former goalkeeper Pernell McKop is the new goalkeepers’ coach.

Dembare To Bring In Two More Players

Dynamos FC Marketing And Public Relations Executive Tinashe Farawo has reiterated their full support for Coach Tonderayi Ndiraya in his quest to reposition the Glamour Boys at the summit of local football.

Dembare has undertaken a massive recruitment exercise that has so far seen 11 players joining the 21-time Zimbabwe champions. This, however, fuelled speculation among fans, media and observers that the Executive were hoarding players without the input of the coaching personnel.

With the first batch of new players being signed during the festive holidays when Ndiraya was away on holiday, speculation was rife that the Executive had panicked and were imposing players on Ndiraya.

However Ndiraya, on his return, was quick to give his seal of approval to everything the Executive was doing. Training commenced last Monday and most of the new players were available adding to Ndiraya’s bliss.

But Dembare are not done yet with Farawo revealing that Ndiraya still needs about 2 more strikers.

“We have been ticking the boxes and we are probably left with one or two strikers to complete our task. We are just working according to the list submitted by the coach and I think we are almost through with it,’’ said Farawo.

“I am sure the coach and his technical team are happy with what we have done so far because we have given them what they have asked for. The coach requested for the players, and we have given him the players, and we think we have delivered on our mandate. Now it’s left to him to work with the resources availed to him. This year should be our year. Our aim is to get to the top and play Champions League football again.’’

Farawo refused to divulge the 2 players left on their list, though it is believed Caps Utd speedy winger Phineas Bamusi is one of them.

But he took time to address fans’ concerns about the culture of acquiring many players each and every season, which used to be unheard of at Dembare.

“We are going to invest more into our development programme. That is why we have Dynamos age-group teams in our structures, and a Dynamos reserve side that is playing in the ZIFA Division Two league.

“We want it to be a big business enterprise, considering the huge potential that this team is sitting on. Dynamos is a club with a rich history, and that should reflect in every aspect.

“Almost every player dreamt of playing for Dynamos, but that hasn’t been the case, of late because of the mistakes of the past.The leadership is addressing those mistakes, and Dynamos will be a team of choice again in terms of winning trophies and marketing players abroad.’’

Dynamos targets Ngezi Platinum star Keith Murera

Dynamos continue their off-season rebuilding and are targeting out-of-contract Ngezi Platinum star Keith Murera.

If the negotiations sail through, Murera will re-unite with former coach Tonderai Ndiraya as the two had a good working relationship at Ngezi which makes their reunion possible.

Sources close to the goings-on say the player has actually agreed terms with Dynamos and is expected to seal the deal between today and tomorrow.

Dynamos are said to have agreed to his demands. The only sticking point is Ngezi who seem not willing to release one of their most loyal players to a direct rival.

Sources at Baobab said Ngezi delayed to put a better offer on the table for Murera, one of their senior players.

The player was dragging to sign for DeMbare, hoping Ngezi would show their interests.

Murera was interested to extend his Ngezi stay but Ngezi were delaying with the offer.

Jaure speaks on DeMbare return

Partson Jaure on his return to Dembare:

“I am excited to be back at Dynamos. This is my team that I played for since I was in high school all the way up to winning league titles, which is why I am happy to be back. I am looking forward to helping the team get back to the top and make our fans happy in each and every match like the old days.

Tonderai Ndiraya is my coach. We worked together so he obviously influenced the club to approach me and ask me to come help the team reclaim its glory and it was an easy decision for me. I am excited to work with him again.

I want to achieve big things with the team. In Zimbabwe, we have the Chibuku Super Cup and the league so we are going to work hard to win something this season. We want to do it for our supporters and bring them back to the team in their numbers.

What makes me happier is the fact that I do what I love for a living, a privilege which many people do not have. I am also happy with what I have achieved in my career, but football people never get enough. They want to keep winning as long as they play and it’s the same with me, I want to keep winning things for as long as I play football.

I recently helped the Warriors qualify for the CHAN finals set for Cameroon in April. I am looking forward to achieving something there or at least go beyond the group stages”

Jaure is tipped to become the new Dembare captain.

“I’m very much involved,” Ndiraya finally speaks on transfers

There has been so much talk recently about the Dynamos executive buying players without consulting coach Tonderai Ndiraya. To make matters worse, the coach himself has not spoken publicly about this issue. This had raised fears among the club fans that another poor season beckons for the Glamour Boys.

But finally, Ndiraya has come out his shell and spoken about this and other issues. These are his words:

“BEFORE I dwell on the upcoming 2020 season, it is important for the Dynamos constituency to understand where we are coming from.
Of course, I would not want to say much about the background but the honest truth is that as a team, we had a bad 2019 season. It is against that background that we then ran around a bit early and came up with a wish list as a technical team, which we submitted to the executive.

So, the process of chasing the new players we want started before the 2019 season ended. We did not finish that season the way we wanted.

If you remember, we lost the last three games, that gave us a clear picture of what we had within our ranks, in terms of personnel. That obviously expedited the recruitment process.

Of course, we were a bit reluctant because of some of the potential we had seen in the team, but those three straight defeats pushed us against the wall. We all saw the need to really beef up our team with quality players.

That is what we have done.

We submitted the list and the management has since been so busy in trying to bring those players on board.

But in doing so, we have faced so many challenges.

It’s not a secret that we are competing against well-resourced teams. I would not want to mention names, but we all know those teams.
However, we must also give credit to the Dynamos’ executive, they are trying the best they can to get the players we have now.

They are trying the best they can to bring the other recommended players. But there is so much competition for players out there.
What is important is for us to have a good team in place for next season.

Last season I spoke repeatedly about the lack of quality players at DeMbare. As a result, we finished ninth, a place where we do not belong.

So we are looking at improving, we are looking at fighting with the big boys and hopefully, we will be able to run around as a team to bring on board the players that we think will bring back the smiles on our supporters’ faces.

Yes, I am very much involved.

In fact, after submitting my list, I went on holiday and left the management running around to look for those players I had recommended.

I am very much in control of the recruitment process.
I am aware there have been questions over the calibre of DeMbare’s signings so far. We have brought on board Partson Jaure, Nkosi Mhlanga, Lenox Mutsetse and Tanaka Chidhobha.

Apart from Jaure, the rest are unheralded. We have a reason for going this route.

If you look at the history of Dynamos closely, you will see that the club is known for marketing unknown talent.

History has also taught us that prominent players normally fail at Dynamos. It is against that background that we are going down this route.

We are looking at players with good talent, players who have real potential and can be marketed by our system.

That has always been the tradition at DeMbare.

Yes we had young players at Dynamos last year, but most of that potential is not the type of potential or quality we want at the club.
We had so many good youngsters last season.

Emmanuel Jalai, Jarisson Selemani Junior, Nigel Katawa and Tinotenda Muringai, to name but a few.

These youngsters need good experience for them to really become the players we want them to be.

They can not be good players if they do not have good experience, so I did not have a problem with young players last year because I understood their need to develop and grow.

But I was against the experience we had in the team and I was never shy on that. We did not have good experience, which would have really helped our youngsters.

If you look at our performance last year, we ended up relying on young players more than the seniors. Once a system is like that, it becomes dead.

It becomes dysfunctional.

That is the reason why we took the decision to let some of our senior players go, those we thought were not giving us good value.
That’s the position.

But I did not say we were only going to sign senior players during this window.

A team becomes a good team if it has good balance. We need both youngsters and senior players. If you blend the two, you will have a nice balance.

I do not remember saying we were going to bring heralded players on board, no.

If you look at Partson Jaure, he was here before, so we also looked at these players individually to see if there is still any value in them.

We saw that Jaure is still good, he can still impart a lot of good value to these youngsters in the team.

All the senior players that we will bring in, we are making sure they can really give this system good value.

We have very promising youngsters still to come.

It’s not ending with Lenox (Mutsetse) and Tanaka (Chidhobha), we are bringing in three more youngsters, not just youngsters but youngsters with great potential.

I think those who know Tanaka know his background. They know his potential since his days at Prince Edward High School. There is some history there, we did not just pluck Chidhobha straight from school.

He was playing Division One football for the past two years with FC Platinum’s Under-19 side, so was Lenox.

They are coming from FC Platinum, they are free agents now.

I was once at Prince Edward and I really know what Chidhobha has. When he became available, I did not think twice.

He is the kind of talent we must have in our system.

I assure people that this season they will get to see the quality in these boys. Hopefully, our system will shape them and get them to a level where they should be.

There are two sides to our system though.

If you are young, it can either build or destroy you.

We have also seen quite a number of good players who have failed to play at Dynamos. We are looking at all those things because of the experience we have had with the system.

Dynamos thrives with committed average players who put in a lot of effort. When you add the support we get from our fans, those players become very successful.

If you look at the players who have played for this team and went on to play in foreign leagues, they were not really exceptional talent, they were average players.

That’s what we are doing.

That’s the reason we are bringing in these unheralded players.

I believe in what I see and I really hope that these boys will rise to the occasion and give us what we want.

But I think what is important are the preparations.

In football, the critical phases of the football cycle is the recruitment and pre-season process. That’s what we are trying to correct this year.

I understand the team had a bad pre-season last year. In fact, it was a bad recruitment exercise. I am hoping we will have a different pre-season this year, one that will set the tone for our performances this year.

We are hoping that the six to eight weeks we will have with these boys will give us a team that will seriously compete with the big boys this year.

We are likely to start pre-season on January 20, but all that is going to be determined by how soon we complete the recruitment process.
We still have a couple of new faces coming in.

We have recruited four so far, but we should see more than four players coming on board as well.

Those we are bringing in are not coming in to make numbers, we have made sure that they are better than those we have or those we are going to release.

We never made it a secret to our players, that we were going to make changes come season end. This is not coming as a surprise, they know. Those who performed well last season are going to be with us this year.

I am sure we are justified in doing so.

Let’s see what happens, but like I have said, I believe in what I do.
I want to assure our fans and management that if we bring in the players that we have recommended, we will have a good 2020.
We are yet to confirm the players we will release.

Naturally, you can not release when you do not have. We are going to get the new players then release the old ones.

We are obviously hunting for a top striker to replace Evans Katema, who has indicated that he wants to try new things.

Of course, it is a big blow, you always want to have your best players and no doubt Evans was one of our best players last year despite joining during the mid-season transfer window.

But I think it’s a chance for him to develop his career further. He is not growing any younger, so if there’s an opportunity for him to grow and make more money, why should we deny him the chance?
If a player expresses his interest to leave, there is nothing we as a team can do to hang on to him. Otherwise, he will not give his best.
We could have stopped him because he has a contract, but we would have denied him a lifetime chance.

After all, that’s what Dynamos is all about – it markets players.
Evans came in and in less than five months he is gone.
Hopefully, we can also attract good players so that they get this opportunity to be marketed. We may not be amongst the top paying teams in the country, but as the biggest team on the land, we are good at marketing players.

We just need to find Evans’ replacement soon. I know it’s going to be difficult, especially given the fact that the country is grappling with a deficiency in terms of the production of strikers, but we have to find another Evans Katema somewhere.

If we do not a get a reputable striker, we will find an unpolished diamond.”

Jaure favourite for Dembare captaincy

Returning defender Partson Jaure is odds-on favourite to be handed the Dynamos armband when the Dynamos technical team meet next week to plan for the new Premiership football season.

Veteran striker Edward Sadomba, who retired from his international career in 2018, returned home last season for a farewell dance with the local Premiership and captained the Harare giants last season.
Sadomba has since announced his departure from the field of play.
The oft-volatile Harare giants now need a new figure of influence to rally their dressing room together and help connect with the management and the supporters and Jaure is in a strong position to fill in the position.

Jaure is a Dynamos product and rose through the ranks to the senior team, though he had brief stints at lower division sides AMC and LaLiga.

Jaure commanded a regular place in the Dembare senior team for 4 seasons and won 6 trophies including 3 successive league titles. His strong perfomances attracted the interest of SA side University Of Pretoria who snapped him in 2014.

Upon his return from South Africa, Partson Jaure joined Ngezi Platinum Stars Football Club under Tonderai Ndiraya and later on crossed the Zambezi to join Zambian top-flight club Buildcon where he did not last for long after his contract was terminated on mutual agreement. He came back to Zimbabwe and signed for newly promoted PSL outfit Manica Diamonds where he played last season.
The other senior players who were understudies to Sadomba last season Jimmy Tigere, Godfrey Mukambi and Simba Chinani often found it difficult to fill in the big shoes worn in the past by the likes of Sunday Chidzambwa, Francis Shonhai, Memory Mucherahowa, Justice Majabvi, Desmond Maringwa and Murape Murape.
The appointment of Jaure is being seen as a vital step in the revolution taking place at the former champions who finished in a disappointing ninth place last season.

Dembare executive imposing players on Ndiraya?

DYNAMOS could be headed for yet another disastrous season following reports the executive is imposing players on the technical team led by Tonderai Ndiraya.

The Glamour Boys had a near catastrophic term last year after the team chefs emotionally released players en masse without consulting then head coach Lloyd Chigowe.

Chigowe, who had been roped in to save the club from relegation late in the 2018 season, was left without any option but to resort to inexperienced novices including Tino Muringai, Jarrison Selemani, Emmanuel Jai, Tawanda Chisi and Nigel Katawa, who was coming straight from high school.

The move almost backfired terribly for DeMbare as they struggled for form in the early stages of the marathon as the Premiership proved too heavy a task for the greenhorns.

Naturally, Chigowe was made the sacrificial lamb and he was replaced by Ndiraya.

Ndiraya only managed to stabilise the shaky squad after bringing in some experienced players in the mid-season transfer window with the addition of Archford Gutu, Simba Nhivi, Godknows Murwira and Evans Katema.

Nevertheless, Dynamos finished a distant ninth in the league and Ndiraya had reiterated at the end of the season that he would be looking to beef up the squad ahead of the 2020 season.
The former Ngezi Platinum Stars gaffer is understood to have submitted his wish-list to the executive way back in October last year.

But the DeMbare executive has reportedly gone against the mentor’s wishes, instead signing players who Ndiraya never recommended.
The central defensive position was the team’s Achilles heel last term where Chisi, Munyaradzi Mawadza, Jimmy Tigere and Godfrey Mukambi were rotated and the Glamour Boys have since enlisted the services of former player Partson Jaure from Manica Diamonds.
Though Ndiraya is a big fan of Jaure, having previously worked with the Warriors defender at Dynamos and Ngezi Platinum, it is not clear whether he gave the player’s signing the thumbs-up.
While Ndiraya’s affinity for young blood is well documented, what he said at the end of the season pertaining the way he wants his troops to line up for the 2020 season seems to be at odds with opening the doors to more young players.

But the executive has since brought in Tanaka Chidhobha from Prince Edward Academy and another youngster Nkosi Mhlanga from Yadah.

Team manager Richard Chihoro yesterday said signing of players was done with the technical team’s blessings and there was nothing amiss inasfar as the signings done so far were concerned. Dynamos spokesperson Tinashe Farawo scoffed at suggestions the executive was acting against the coach’s will.

Ndiraya last week told the media that he was not aware of the signings being done by the team.

“We know how to act in a professional manner. Dynamos is not a rag-tag team but an institution with millions of people behind that badge. We know the ethos and essence of corporate governance and we can’t do business in such an uncivilised way. The coach gave us his wish-list long back, maybe three or four months ago and we are simply chasing after those players,” said Farawo.

“We will never try to embarrass ourselves and go against the coach’s will. He recommended certain players and they are the ones whom we are following up and taking on board. So suggestions that we are signing players whom he did not recommend are off the mark.”
Farawo also dismissed suggestions the team was going to off-load eight players including Katawa, Muringai and Mukambi, saying the coach is yet to submit the names of those he wanted released.