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Dembare Want Authority Over Club Merchandise

DYNAMOS Football Club, who are undergoing a professional revolution, are putting in place stringent logistical requirements that will see them tapping all revenue streams into the club coffers..


Club Chairman Isaiah Mupfurutsa confirmed that they are in the process of finalising some copyright issues which will give them absolute authority to own all club merchandise.

The Harare giants have since set up a stand-alone commercial division that will oversee and try to exploit all available income-generating channels, including the sale of merchandise.

The Glamour Boys, the country’s most-supported football club, haven’t been cashing in on their fan base as some enterprising people have, instead, filled that gap over the years.

By their admission, DeMbare have lost millions of dollars in potential revenue from the sale of merchandise over the years.

They have only been getting income from sponsorship, and gate takings, which is usually consumed by other costs, including stadium hire, as well as mandatory payments to ZIFA, PSL and other service providers.

But, the former champions who, of late, have been desperate to transform the way they run their club, seem to have awoken from their lengthy slumber.

“We have realised we have been losing a lot in potential revenue as we have not explored this avenue,” said Mupfurutsa.

“We have a bulging fan base yet we haven’t converted that loyalty into big business.

“What a business needs is loyalty first, and we have that but, we have lacked ways of harnessing all that into revenue.

“We have a five-year plan that runs between now and 2025 in which we are planning to transform the team into a mega-project.

“We are working on establishing a commercial division which will be responsible for driving our business. We are starting by establishing a good team with a sound junior policy and ensure we produce results, which is the prime factor that brings supporters to the club.

“We will, in the near future, partner big shops to sell our merchandise. We are setting up sound distribution channels to ensure that everyone, who needs a Dynamos piece, gets it.’’

He said vendors who sell counterfeit products with the team’s logos have been a threat to their enterprise over the years.

“Of course, those (vendors) have posed a huge threat, but we cannot entirely blame them as we have not been doing what we are supposed to do as a club,’’ he said.

“We have not been providing what our fans want and those vendors have merely moved in to fill that gap which we have created as a team.

“We have now opened our eyes and decided to establish ourselves in the business world. We know our fans are loyal and they will come in and support us.

Mupfurutsa said in the long run, the club will also partner other companies, and also ensure they have mobile shops, to cater for those who want to buy their merchandise at stadiums.

Dembare Merchandise Deal Goes Into Motion

The operationalisation of the four-year sales agreement between Dynamos Football Club and their anchor sponsor Remmington Gold has kicked off


The deal was launched in February and the two parties have confirmed, through an official statement, that the deal is now fully operational.

The development comes at a time Dynamos have begun steps to commercialise and widen their revenue streams beyond gate revenue.

Dynamos, just like all the local teams, have had to endure months without any gate-takings as action was halted owing to the pandemic that forced a stop to global sporting action.

But before the Covid-19 outbreak, Dynamos had begun exploring ways to enhance brand visibility through merchandise sales, particularly the club’s replica jerseys and branded shirts.

“The sale of our merchandise has kicked off,” read part of the statement.

“Dynamos Football Club and their main sponsors Remington Gold are glad to announce the operationalisation of our four-year sales relationship agreement, which was concluded in February 2020.

“The two partners agreed that they shall, during the subsistence of the agreement, distribute, through their supporters’ structures, the official club merchandise and or paraphernalia and Remington Gold products in Zimbabwe and beyond the borders.

“The products, which shall be sold to the club’s fans and the general public, shall be distributed through designated distribution agents comprising, but not limited to the following: sports shops, restaurants and food courts, service stations, licensed vendors, departmental/chain stores, wholesalers and club offices.”

While Dynamos’ official home and away shirts will be on sale when the season gets underway, merchandise like royal blue supporters’ shirts (pictured) are already on sale at US$10.

Dynamos spokesperson Tinashe Farawo explained further details of the merchandise deal.

“The first batch of official club merchandise comprising royal blue supporters’ shirts shall be sold at your nearest distribution agent designated by the club.

“Each original supporters’ shirt shall be sold for a special price of US$10.

“More merchandise, including the official 2020 season home and away playing shirts, shall be going on sale as soon as the season gets underway,” Farawo said.

Dynamos and fellow traditional giants Highlanders and CAPS United have constantly been urged to lead the way in becoming commercial ventures in line with global football trends.

Without official club replicas and branded shirts, caps, scarves and other merchandise, Dynamos fans have had to find their identity in replicas of international clubs such as Chelsea who wear similar colours.

Farawo, however, believes the Premiership giants can only build from the steps they have taken through their partnership with Remington Gold, which includes their supporters across the country.