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Dembare Official Kit To Be Unveiled Soon

DYNAMOS Football Club have refuted widespread speculation that the kit (pictured) worn by players at their ongoing social responsibility programmes and training sessions is the official playing kit for the Harare giants.


DeMbare Chairman Isaiah Mupfurutsa says Dynamos will, infact, unveil their official 2020 playing kits in the coming weeks.

The Premier Soccer League management recently revealed that the 2020 season is provisionally set to be played in a mini league “bubble” format.

The 21-time champions are ticking all the right boxes at a time when some financially struggling local clubs are feeling the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

But for the usually problem-ridden club, what was largely expected to be a tough year for them has in fact turned out to be a fairly smooth sail for the club, all thanks to principal sponsors Gold Leaf Tobacco.

The DeMbare boss clarified the matter, “Contrary to what most people think, the kit that was widely circulated on social media about two weeks ago is not the official kit that will be used by the team but it’s part of regalia that players will use during social responsibility initiatives.

“We are involved in so many social responsibility programmes in partnership with our sponsors RG-Gold Leaf Tobacco and our players must be identifiable when doing non-profit work in communities,” explained Mupfurutsa.

“The official kit will be unveiled in a few weeks.” 

“Now that football has been given the green light to resume, we are forging ahead with plans to unveil a brand manufactured official kit that will be used in the mini league format that is being proposed by the PSL,” he said.

Turning to the DeMbare/ RG-Gold Leaf Tobacco partnership that has seen the club resemble a smooth sailing ship, Mupfurutsa said the club was in a good space and would continue to strive to improve the welfare of its players.

“We are in a good space, we can’t complain. Our sponsors have been very generous by making sure we navigate through these difficult times as our players are paid on time and did not have to worry about pay cuts when other clubs were struggling to keep afloat.

“We are in the first two years of a five-year deal and the relationship between the club and our sponsors keeps growing,” he added.

Dembare Want Authority Over Club Merchandise

DYNAMOS Football Club, who are undergoing a professional revolution, are putting in place stringent logistical requirements that will see them tapping all revenue streams into the club coffers..


Club Chairman Isaiah Mupfurutsa confirmed that they are in the process of finalising some copyright issues which will give them absolute authority to own all club merchandise.

The Harare giants have since set up a stand-alone commercial division that will oversee and try to exploit all available income-generating channels, including the sale of merchandise.

The Glamour Boys, the country’s most-supported football club, haven’t been cashing in on their fan base as some enterprising people have, instead, filled that gap over the years.

By their admission, DeMbare have lost millions of dollars in potential revenue from the sale of merchandise over the years.

They have only been getting income from sponsorship, and gate takings, which is usually consumed by other costs, including stadium hire, as well as mandatory payments to ZIFA, PSL and other service providers.

But, the former champions who, of late, have been desperate to transform the way they run their club, seem to have awoken from their lengthy slumber.

“We have realised we have been losing a lot in potential revenue as we have not explored this avenue,” said Mupfurutsa.

“We have a bulging fan base yet we haven’t converted that loyalty into big business.

“What a business needs is loyalty first, and we have that but, we have lacked ways of harnessing all that into revenue.

“We have a five-year plan that runs between now and 2025 in which we are planning to transform the team into a mega-project.

“We are working on establishing a commercial division which will be responsible for driving our business. We are starting by establishing a good team with a sound junior policy and ensure we produce results, which is the prime factor that brings supporters to the club.

“We will, in the near future, partner big shops to sell our merchandise. We are setting up sound distribution channels to ensure that everyone, who needs a Dynamos piece, gets it.’’

He said vendors who sell counterfeit products with the team’s logos have been a threat to their enterprise over the years.

“Of course, those (vendors) have posed a huge threat, but we cannot entirely blame them as we have not been doing what we are supposed to do as a club,’’ he said.

“We have not been providing what our fans want and those vendors have merely moved in to fill that gap which we have created as a team.

“We have now opened our eyes and decided to establish ourselves in the business world. We know our fans are loyal and they will come in and support us.

Mupfurutsa said in the long run, the club will also partner other companies, and also ensure they have mobile shops, to cater for those who want to buy their merchandise at stadiums.

Murwira Booked For Operation

DYNAMOS FC utility player, Godknows Murwira, is booked to go under the surgeon’s knife this week.


Murwira’s knee was injured late last year and the injury was aggravated during pre-season training earlier this year.

He had been ruled out for the first half of 2020 season before the season was put on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The season could start in August/September after the ZIFA Emergency Committee provisionally settled for that date last week.

And Murwira, who could have managed to play even without surgery, has now opted to go with the medical advice he has been receiving.

The former Ngezi Platinum Stars player has sought to take advantage of the window provided by this break to have the surgery.

Dynamos executive chairman, Isaah Mupfurutsa, yesterday confirmed Murwira is now booked for the operation procedure.

“All things being equal, Godknows (Murwira) will be operated on during the course of this week,’’ he said.

“He is already booked for the procedure.

“The issue is that this coronavirus pandemic has affected everything in life. Under normal circumstances, he (Murwira) should have been operated on a long time ago.

“But, understandably, the process has been delayed. It’s now up to the medical team to choose when they can have the procedure, otherwise it’s booked already.”

Mupfurutsa said the club’s main concern was to make sure Murwira was successfully operated on.

“At the moment, we are mainly concerned about his well-being. He has to be in good shape. He is our player and we want to see him doing well and in a good condition,’’ said Mupfurutsa.

“This is why as a club, we decided to help him out. We can’t afford to neglect our players. Their wellness is our strength.

“We wish the operation goes well and he recovers from it as soon as possible.”

Normally, the type of operation Murwira will undergo takes between six to eight weeks to fully heal.

And, Mupfurutsa hopes all goes well for Murwira to be part of the Glamour Boys in time for the scheduled start of the delayed season.

Murwira is supposed to go back to his parent club, FC Platinum, at the expiry of his loan spell in December this year.

But, there is a possibility he will stay beyond that period on condition the two clubs find common ground as they are understood to have started negotiations towards extending the loan.

Murwira To Get Best Treatment

DYNAMOS Chairman Isaiah Mupfurutsa has dismissed social media rumours that they are neglecting utility player Godknows Murwira saying instead they are looking for the best doctor to perform surgery on the player.


Murwira is on loan at Dembare from his parent club FC Platinum.

He has a recurring knee injury that ruled him out of the last few games of last season.

However, the Glamour Boys have been paying for Murwira’s consultation fees and the scans too.

Social media has been awash with claims that Dembare were dithering on paying for Murwira’s medical expenses because “he would be reverting to his parent club soon”.

Murwira was supposed to undergo surgery early last month but failed with reports suggesting DeMbare failed to meet the expenses.

Mupfurutsa said the claims were false as they have the funds to make sure he gets the best doctor.

Dynamos recently took care of all expenses emanating from captain Partson Jaure’s injuries from a road accident.

“Yes the surgery did not go on as planned. But it was not because we didn’t have the resources, we had a lot to consider.

“It’s not only about just having him operated, we want him to be operated on by the best doctor, we don’t want a situation where we will regret having him operated.

“We want things to be properly done and we have procedures we are following,” said Mupfurutsa.

Mupfurutsa said they are doing their best to make sure the utility player gets back to full fitness as soon as possible.

“Murwira is our valued asset. We cannot neglect him now. He is our player and we would want to put our money to use.

“He has been a vital cog and we really need his services. We are trying our very best to make sure he gets the best treatment.

“Jaure’s case required a lot more than Murwira’s case. If we did it to Jaure why can’t we also take care of Murwira. We have the capacity to give our players the best when it comes to health issues,” he added.

Mupfurutsa could not shed light on when Murwira’s loan period will lapse only saying they will decide on the future once they hear from the doctor who has been attending to him.

He also said the current lockdown has not done them any favours.

“We are all victims of this Coronavirus pandemic and everything is on hold now.

“We are worried that it might affect Murwira but as you all know the situation is beyond our control.

“We will wait for the situation to normalise and start from there,” he said.


DYNAMOS Football Club would like to inform the family of Dynamos that our captain for the 2020 season Partson Jaure was involved in a car accident early morning today and sustained head injuries.


He is currently detained at Parirenyatwa Hospital where he is receiving specialist medical care in a private ward.

He sustained a head injury when he was involved in a car crash whilst driving home.

His condition is stable, he’s not on oxygen but not yet fully awake.

He will be assessed by a neurosurgeon to see the extent of the injury but he’s out of danger.

Isaiah Mupfurutsa


(For and on behalf of Dynamos Football Club)

Dynamos, Gold Leaf Marriage Extended To Fans

GOOD times continue to roll for Harare giants Dynamos Football Club after their principal sponsor Gold Leaf Tobacco signed a Sales and Distribution Memorandum Of Understanding with the leaders of the club’s fans in Harare yesterday.


DeMbare are in the second year of a five-year sponsorship deal with the South African-based tobacco processor through the Rudland & George brand worth ZWL5 million, translating to ZWL1m per year.

The package has since been reviewed upwards to cushion the club from the current inflationary environment.

Gold Leaf Tobacco have been taking care of Dynamos wage bill and all the operational expenses since last year.

This latest deal will see the club supporters playing an active role in pushing sales and raising the market presence of the specific Remington Gold products, one of the Gold Leaf Tobacco brands.

In return the fans are earmarked to benefit a certain percentage of the sales in commission.

Dynamos, as a club, are set to pocket more, in terms of commissions, under this extended agreement where Gold Leaf Tobacco will be selling their Remington Gold products through the club.

Gold Leaf Tobacco company’s representative, Sithabiso Martin said they are happy with their association with the country’s biggest football club and want to see a strong Dynamos emerging again.

“In the last few seasons, it has been disappointing and underwhelming because Dynamos was used to a certain place before, that is at the top. But I am positive because they have now partnered with the right brand.

“We would have loved to host the multitudes of the club’s fans at a larger scale like a stadium, since this is an event for the supporters but due to the current social distancing measures put it place by the government, we could not congregate like that.

“Going forward, we pledge to work well with the Dembare brand together with all the club’s Supporters’ Chapters across the country in pushing both the Dynamos and rebranded Remington Gold brands.

Dynamos Chairman Isaiah Mupfurutsa was naturally elated with the extended agreement and pledged his club’s bid to reposition themselves as the leading football brand on the domestic scene.

“This is a momentous occasion which marks the further strengthening of relations between Dynamos Football Club and our anchor sponsors, Gold Leaf Tobacco Company in Zimbabwe,” said Mupfurutsa.

“We are here to witness the power of football and business’ strategic collaboration, a partnership which shall set the tone for the growth of Zimbabwean football for posterity.’’

“Dynamos Football Club is on a business trajectory and we shall strive to turn the club into a business partner of choice through embracing best practices.

“Poor governance and any other vices now have no place at Dynamos Football Club. We believe that we should be at the front-line in the thrust to embrace professionalism through the FIFA Club Licensing framework.

“We would like to be the champions of best practices in Zimbabwe football, making our club an attractive investment partner.

“The progress we have made to date, in terms of attaining good governance benchmarks, has seen our anchor sponsors increase their support for the club and more partners have begun to show interest in partnering our club, locally and abroad,’’ said Mupfurutsa.

Speaking on behalf of the supporters a member of the Dynamos Supporters Association national executive, Mr Benjamin Munzira thanked the Principal Sponsor for the ground-breaking initiative that is set to involve the fans more in the revolution of the club.

“Dynamos remains a source pride to the faithful 7 million or more supporters across the world. We want to thank Gold Leaf Tobacco for coming up with this initiative to engage the fans of the club.

This sales agreement is a win-win, it finances the club, sponsor and supporter given the huge support base Dynamos has.”

In closing, Munzira assured the players, represented by the club captain, that the fans would rally behind the team in a fervent but peaceful manner this upcoming season,” said Munzira.

PSL Lockdown Worry Dembare Over Budget

HARARE giants Dynamos Football Club say the Coronavirus lockdown that has caused the postponement of the start of the 2020 Premier Soccer League is set to impact heavily on the club’s budget for the season.


The PSL yesterday officially wrote to clubs informing them of the postponement.

“The Premier Soccer League hereby announces the postponement of the start of the 2020 Castle Lager Premier Soccer League until further notice.

“This, following the National Address by His Excellency President Emmerson Munangagwa issued on Tuesday 17 March 2020, the government has suspended all public events, gatherings and activities of more than 100 people for the next 60 days.” read the statement.

The Glamour Boys say they are now forced to go and take another look at their budget following the unexpected extension of the pre-season.

Club Chairman Isaiah Mupfurutsa while welcoming the government move, however bemoaned the adverse effects the coronavirus lockdown had on his team’s preparations.

“We started preparing for the season in January, with a certain schedule, as we anticipated that the league matches would start in March,’’ said Mupfurutsa.

“So, we invested a lot in the pre-season, beginning with the acquisition of the players.

“We also had training camps and team-building exercises. But the postponement means we have an extra two months of pre-season and more resources will be needed.

“As it stands, we cannot break training because we don’t know when this problem is going to be over.

“We need to keep our players fit, so the coaches will work on that.’’

Fortunately for Dembare, their current sponsor Gold Leaf Tobacco, through the Rudland & George brand, have pledged to continue taking care of all players’ salaries even during the duration of the lockdown as part of their 5-year sponsorship deal.

In the past, Dynamos used to rely entirely on gate takings for players’ salaries and bonuses.

“These days, gate takings only supply us with  our supplementary income, so when there are no games like this it means we have no additional income to take care of some of the operational costs that we meet every day,’’ the DeMbare boss said.

“This lockdown will also affect our sponsorship as well because our budget runs for a year. If we spend more on this pre-season, it actually means we are now eating away a chunk of our budget for the next season.

“And, the fact that there are no games going on, our sponsors will not be able to get mileage.

“It’s the same with the PSL sponsors.’’

More Opportunites For Ndiraya In Belgium

DYNAMOS coach Tonderai Ndiraya’s trip to Belgium is already going beyond his imagination as his host club KV Mechelen has organised visits for him at two other clubs in the Belgian Jupiler League.

Ndiraya, who flew to Belgium on Wednesday for an attachment that was initially set for just one Belgian top-flight side Mechelen, found that his hosts had also lined up visits for him to two other top clubs – Anderlecht and Genk.

Ndiraya, who is on his maiden tour in Europe, immediately got down to business with a familiarisation visit of the KV Mechelen training facilities hours after his arrival.

Although he had some qualms about the biting Belgian winter, Ndiraya said he was happy to have had more opportunities to visit and study the different club set-ups as this will equip him with varying approaches that he can use for the benefit of his beloved Dynamos in particular and the Young Warriors at large.

Stanza was also due to watch the first of the Belgian matches last night with KV Mechelen hosting Waasl Beveren at the AFAS stadium and paid tribute to consultant Gino Laureyssen and coach Valerie Billen who have been behind his trip.

“I have been provided with VVIP tickets for tomorrow’s match which kicks off at 2030 hours.

“In the morning I will attend the club’s academy training and get an appreciation of how they are operating from the Academy Director as well as Dennis Hendrickx, the club’s sporting director.

“Tomorrow morning I will travel to Genk another top-flight team to watch another training session. On Monday I will be at Anderlecht before coming back to Mechelen.

“I will spend most of next week at KV Mechelen before travelling for their away match on Friday. It is a very busy schedule for me and would like to most sincerely thank my club Dynamos FC, KV Mechelen FC, Genk FC, Anderlecht FC as well as Gino, Dennis Hendrickx and coach Vallery for this great opportunity they gave me to learn.

“Indeed, I am learning and I will come back home with a fresh mind and better football ideas,’’ Ndiraya said.

“The reception has been fantastic since the day I landed. I was driven straight from the airport to the small town of Mechelen where KV Mechelen is based. Michelen is a town in the famous Antiwerpen province.

“Gino, through coach Valerie Billen, who visited Zimbabwe some time last year, has been very supportive of my stay here so far,’’ Ndiraya said.

He also lauded the KV Mechelen technical director for the manner they had received him.

“Dennis Hendrickx, KV Mechelen’s sporting director, has also been very supportive and he is making sure that I am having access to all the team’s training facilities as well as attend the team’s training sessions.

“Yesterday (Thursday) I toured the team’s main pitch at AFAS Stadium as well as the academy facilities, today (Friday) I had the privilege of watching the team’s final training session before tomorrow’s (last night) home match against W. Beveren.

Dynamos Chairman Isaiah Mupfurutsa, whose Executive gave Ndiraya the blessings of the trip, described Ndiraya’s visit to Belgium as the start of bigger things to come in terms of “our technical partnerships with the Belgians’’.

Mupfurutsa believes that accessing the training venues and the technical departments of the three top Belgian clubs will stand Ndiraya and Dynamos in good stead ahead of the start of the 2020 season.

“It’s an intensive but very fruitful visit and we are happy for our coach and we believe we can only get better and benefit immensely from such partnerships.

“Talking to the coach you can understand what this means to him and to the club,’’ Mupfurutsa said.

Dynamos’ sponsors Gold Leaf tobacco through their RG brand have recently been flexing their financial muscle in the quest to help the Glamour Boys reclaim the championship by sponsoring a number of fresh initiatives rolled out by the Executive this year.

Breath Of Fresh Air At Dembare

A breath of fresh air is prevailing at Dynamos Football Club if events of the past 2 weeks are anything to go by.

Dembare, the biggest and most successful club in local football, have somehow perfected an amateurish and chaotic way of doing things over the years.

Most of their pre-seasons have been characterised by chaotic preparations, players’ mutiny and false promises of signing-on fees.

But this year, Dembare have been uncharacteristically serene and professional since the players regrouped from the festive holidays on the 20th of January 2020.

The Dynamos executive has undertaken a massive restructuring of the team as they captured 11 of Tonderai Ndiraya’s choicest players.

The new players range from rookies like Tanaka Chidhobha and Nkosi Mhlanga, to versatile players like Tymon Mvula and David Temwanjira and veterans like Sylvester Appiah and Byron Madzokere.

Refreshingly, all the new signings , together with the old players, came out in full force on the very first day of training at Hellenic Sports Club.

Even an injured Partson Jaure was present, and watched proceedings from the terraces.Training went on well the rest of the week with focus mainly on fitness drills.

On Friday, fans and observers were surprised to learn that Dynamos players had left for Lake Chivero for a 3-day team building and bonding camp, something unheard of in previous Dembare teams.

And soon enough, pictures and videos of events at Chivero started trending on social media of players doing fitness drills, bonding games, mud-bath and hiking among other activities.

You could see the unity and togetherness among the players as they went through the Chivero camp.

The contingent returned to Harare on Sunday, and the following day it was back to serious business as the players alternated between training at Hellenics and gym sessions at a local fitness centre.

Credit to the Executive for charting a new trajectory for the Glamour Boys as we seek to end a 5-year barren spell.

Club spokesperson Tinashe Farawo has already promised that more such activities are in the pipeline for The Boys In Blue.

Sponsors Rudland & George are on record expressing delight at the stateof affairs at Chazunguza.

Fans are already looking forward to the new season which Chairman Isaiah Mupfurutsa has boldly declared their intentions to return to the top of the local game. dembare.net